Resources – Great site for help on IT terms and meanings. – World Wide Web Consortium – specifications for web technologies. – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority – site for coordinating assignment of IP addresses, port numbers, etc… – Determine information about domain, registrars, DNS servers. – Determine information about domain, registrars, DNS servers – the original site.

Third Party Support Sites: – Microsoft Knowledge-Base and other help. – Novell Support

Useful: – Check the speed of your Internet connection. – Map site – great for finding directions. – Help with Timezones.

Shareware: – One of the largest and best. – Another large and excellent site. – Great site with a lot of software. – Mostly everything is free.

Entertainment: – See aerial photographs of where you live or work. Asteroids – Remember this old Atari game? Chess – Good web page chess game. P-Man – Eating dots and watching out for the bad guys. Tetris – Blocks falling game. Tic-tac-toe – Try to beat on level 3.